17 August 2007

Mondays on Thursday

My mom managed to put her cell phone through the washing machine yesterday after she got home. She says she had a monthful of Mondays yesterday. Not much progress on the car front, unless Mom being fed up with driving the pickup counts. Her insurance company's assessor is actually in IF (which would have been nice to know yesterday), so they have to wait for a day when he/she is down here. Presumably, the other driver's insurance company will also want to send an assessor. At least, they did when my car got hit several years ago. No question of blame on that one: I was driving down the lane in a parking lot when a pickup came careening through the parking spaces.

My neck has been stiff and sore since last night. I suspect it may be a mild case of whiplash; Grade 1 in the article. Since I seem to have full range of motion, I'm not particularly concerned. I found some neck exercises, rather obvious ones except for the "turtle." They seem to help. So did putting a heating pad on it for a while tonight. The sides seem to be stiffest, but they're a lot better tonight than they were last night. What I would really like is a Shiatsu neck massager. Unfortunately, stores only seem to carry them at Christmas-time. Or...there's one on Amazon, but I doubt I can get free shipping. *sighs*

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