27 August 2007

Back to School

First day back. I was a bit short on sleep, as last night at 9:00 I noticed that the M*A*S*H season finale was on, and realized that I'd never seen it, at least not all the way through. I actually remember one bit, and the memory must be from when I was really young. Klinger points to a reddened sky and comments that it's a beautiful sunset. Potter looks at it, and says it would be a beautiful sunset if it were over there, pointing to what, presumably, was west. That's the bit that I remembered. I also remember being young enough not to understand what he was talking about. Young enough that I had no clue that the sun always sets in the west. One or two other bits seemed vaguely familiar as well, but that's the one bit that I know I'd seen before. My mom and I used to watch M*A*S*H together when I was little, so I probably watched part of the finale with her...and got bored and wandered off; it's much longer than a normal episode. If I'd realized it was going to last past midnight last night, I probably would have just recorded it, rather than trying to watch it.

There was a small bit of excitement in my Math108 class. I couldn't log into the computer lab, and discovered this just about as it was time to start the class. Thankfully, Luther hadn't left yet, so he stalled for me while I called down to find out what was going on. Apparently they're having some weird bug where people can't log on, and the only way to fix it is to change their password. Very bizarre. After that, it went fairly smoothly, apart from me trying to adjust to the projection screen stuff. I've thought of a few things I forgot to tell them since then, but nothing too major. Today was mostly a "get into the system" and "play around with the program" day.

Right after that, I have my philosophy class. Originally, it was scheduled to be in the Physical Science Building, so I ran back to my office before heading over, and met Matt aka Iamb aka the pooflinger for the first time. Both good and bad timing. Good in that I was there, bad in that I had to rush off. Anyway, that was a pleasant surprise.

An unpleasant surprise came when I got to the philosophy class, in that the professor hated the room we were in and had gotten us moved into the Liberal Arts building. It is a nicer room--I swear that all the rooms in the physical science building are specifically designed crush any sense of optimism or hope that a student might still have--but the original room was more convenient. For me, anyway. But there was another pleasant surprise in the form of Travis. I may have mentioned him before. He's an occasional taiji player, who makes it up to Don's class on the rare occasions when he wakes up in time for it (roughly once or twice a year). He's also taking the class. He's got more of a reason to take it than I do, as he's actually a philosophy major.

As far as the professor, I like him. His accent is...odd. Melissa told me that he's a rabbi, and sometimes there's a hint of the classic Jewish accent, but other times he speaks with a near-British accent. It can vary within the same sentence, even. No clue what's going on with that. Anyway, we seem to be starting with ancient religions, which aren't in the required texts; instead, they're in handouts, the first of which we got today. So sometime tonight I should read it.


IAMB said...

Sorry about the timing... I'll try to catch you when you have free time next time (or at least time for coffee).

Qalmlea said...

^!^ Or tea, in my case. I've got office hours around noon on T/Th, which are extremely unlikely to be utilized by any students this week, though.