13 August 2007

And Then There Were Four

*sighs* On Tuesday, I put an ad in the local paper for the kittens. The last day the ad runs is tomorrow, unless I go in and renew it. I got one call, this morning, and the lady came to see the kittens tonight. She loved the lean lines of the kittens, likely inherited from their part-Siamese mother. She took zen-girl. Her step-daughter had been wanting a cat, she said. Zen-Girl also gets to room with a Chihuahua who is said to get along well with cats. It was both harder and easier to let her go than I expected, and both saddening and a relief.

In other life news, I helped my mom measure her boss's building this morning. He's set to retire this fall, and she's planning to buy the business from him. She wants an accurate measure of the square footage before she makes an actual offer. We didn't get every room measured, for two reasons. The first is that half of the building is being leased out to a hair-place, and we couldn't find the key to it. We tried every key in the place (and there are a LOT of keys there), but none of them fit. The second is that there was some smell in there that made me feel queasy. I was game to keep trying, with a warning that I might rush out of the storage room in a hurry, since that's where the smell was worst, but Mom called it quits. We got all but her office and the store room measured on that side of the building, though.

As for what the smell was, the most likely candidate is mold. There's been at least one sewer back-up into the basement, and the store room apparently gets flooded in heavy rains and/or snow-melt. There could be other, nastier remnants from the sewer back-up, though. Another possibility is chemicals from the hair-salon that rents out the other side of the building, but what I was smelling was rather musty, dusty and...prickly grey. It wasn't the sharp, shrieking tones of hair chemicals. On the plus side, that might generate some business for Spencer's cleaning company.

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