16 December 2005


So...two interesting things from my morning meditation session (well, one's from the pre-meditation reading):

By a strange coincidence, I just got to the chapter describing exactly what I did when I channeled my Grandma's negative emotions. Not surprisingly, this is not something that is recommended to do (though it's usually safer with close relatives). This author calls it "sponging."

Next... I think if I were a proper Zen student, I would probably just shout, "The moon is rising! The moon is rising!" As I'm not, I'll try to put it into...more comprehensible words. Actually, I might as well just shout, "The Source is in me! The Source is in me!" Okay, more analytical attempt coming up. There are a set of breath and energy exercises that I do at the start of most meditation sessions. Afterwards, I generally just...let myself sink into myself. For some reason, I had a mantra running through my head: "Who am I?" which changed to "Who are you?" at some point without me noticing the transition. I felt the universe open up around me. The Source of Everything was a bright...something...hanging over my head. I tried to reach it, and it seemed to get further away. Then I remembered that I shouldn't try...I should allow it to happen. And all at once I realized that the Source was already within me. It was...an indescribably positive feeling. And now I look around at the objects around me, and realize that the Source is in them as well. It's in Everything and Everyone. Otherwise it couldn't be the Source! *grins* I've probably analyzed it too much already, but that's just something I tend to do.

(Oh, before I saw the Source over my head, I briefly found myself on that space-beach again, but the "who are you" mantra rejected it as illusion and it vanished. That was fascinating as well.)

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