25 December 2005

Relativistic Effects

Well, I managed to get the curry done by a bit after noon (and was quite shocked to do so), and since my mom wasn't back yet, I hurriedly chopped some vegetables to stir fry. Did you know that it's possible to peel three carrots in less than a minute? Well, possible so long as you're not too worried about where the peelings go. We had gotten a lot of vegetables to stir-fry, but since I was short on time I just grabbed ones that were quick to prepare. Three carrots (peel, chop, done). Two celery sticks (wash, chop, done). A zuchinni (wash, chop, done). Sugar snap peas (open bag, examine, toss out bad ones, done). So we've got a bunch more to stir-fry at a later date. Given how my morning went, I count it a small miracle that I got as much done in time for dinner as I did.

The thing that amazes me about coconut curries is how tender the meat turns out. Amazing is what I call it.

Oh, the curry had apples in it. I thought there were too many, and said, "Maybe I'll put in fewer apples next year."
Mom: "Why? I didn't think there were too many. Did you think there were too many?"
Dad: "There were apples in it?"
(Yes, Dad was there. He's been behaving more like himself lately and less like an utter lunatic badly in need of thorazine. He even picked out a Christmas present for me, and that is quite unusual for him. It's a shop vac. I am perfectly aware that part of the reason he got it for me is so that I never borrow his again, but I still appreciate it.)

Incidentally, Grandma thinks this is the first time all four of the burners on her stove have ever been used at once. One burner for the curry. One for the rice. Then one to mix up the sauce for the curry (quickly done and poured into the pot). Then I put on a pan for noodles (option of having the curry with rice or with noodles). Then one for the stir-fry. Everyone seemed to like the curry, though they thought it was too spicy. Bear in mind that I had doubled the recipe except for the red curry sauce. I didn't even put in the full amount for the undoubled recipe. It was pleasantly warm (i.e. I could feel the warmth, but it didn't burn). *sighs* My dad's exact words were "It tasted pretty good once I got used to the hot." I did tell them that removing the meat from the sauce would make it a great deal less spicy. *shrugs*

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