26 December 2005


Well, I didn't dream of sugarplums. I was cleaning out my parents store room, and on the highest, deepest shelf there was a satchel full of some sort of food item. It was slightly open, so I peered in and was not suprised to see a mouse in there. It seemed to be dead. Since the food was now useless, I sealed up the satchel and took it outside to throw away. As I walked, something in the satchel started to move, so I concluded the mouse had not been dead after all. As it had gotten in the house once, I decided to kill it before disposing of the satchel. I beat the satchel on the edge of a concrete step, then for some reason opened it again.

Inside was a dead/dying cat with a large gash in its throat. At this point, the satchel disappeared and another cat walked up and reached a tentative paw towards the dead one. From her face and movement, it was obvious she knew the other cat was dead. (Odd detail: in the close-up of her paw, it was limned in purple). Then something-or-other woke me up.

I can guess where part of this dream came from: I bought Ji'e'toh a cat-toy for Christmas called "thing-in-a-bag." It's a plain brown bag. You push a button, and the mechanism inside makes it jiggle around (as if something were trapped in the bag) at random intervals. As for the rest... *shrugs*


Fibonacci said...

The mouse was clearly a werecat.

Qalmlea said...

Or maybe the cat was a weremouse? We'll never know now!