18 December 2005

Party...of two?

Well, this was an odd day.

More or less at the last minute, Fibonacci and I had decided to have an after-finals get-together. So I invited Theresa and Chad (math grad students), as well as Kim and Spencer. Fibonacci thought his roommate and one other person might come. It seems to have been fated not to be. Kim has kidneystones, which put her and Spence out. Theresa wound up in Twin Falls. No clue about Chad as I don't have a contact number. Fibonacci's roommate had a disagreement with a hockey ball and needed stitches. So Fibonacci and I had four pizzas to ourselves and watched Fiddler on the Roof. Good movie. I hadn't seen it before, but I'd heard most of the music. It was nice to finally see the music put in context.

Since it's late, I'll just make one point about the movie: if it were made today, it would be vastly, horribly different. It is beautiful as it is. But a modern "remake" would (probably) insist on focusing on details (Siberia, Russia, etc.) rather than on the daily lives of these people. The ending in particular would not fly in Hollywood, while I think it is perfect. "There are no beginnings or endings to the Turning of the Wheel of Time."

AM ADDENDUM: I was so tired, I actually forgot about this last night. After dropping Fibonacci off at home, I drove back, walked up to the front door, got my key out...and it would not go into the lock. Not even a smidgen. Sometime between 16:00 and 0:00, it had frozen up. Luckily, the back door lock was not frozen and I was able to get into the house. If it had been frozen as well, I probably would have driven over to my grandma's house and slept there, then come back with a hairdryer. (Yes, there is an outside plug-in in convenient reach of my front door; I might have needed a 6-foot extension cord, but it's doable) Hmmm... I may have to do that anyway, as the lock is still frozen and/or stuck. It looks like there's a piece of metal jammed in there, which is odd since I was home the whole time when this had to have happened. Maybe the lock's just jammed. I wonder if such a thing is fixable or requires replacing the lock...

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