22 December 2005

'Tis the Season

Well, I dropped off Kim and Spence's (and David's) presents tonight. I'll admit that I got a bit carried away with them... I just happen to like giving presents to people. Kim said Pam was in town. Apparently she's trying to surprise people. Well, if she tried to come by tonight, I was at Kim and Spence's. Speaking of which, David is a budding golem. He's got the voice down (despite not seeing the movie at any time in recent memory) and has arguments with himself about his toys. High voice: "My tiger." Golem voice: "No, my tiger." So when his grandma came over for a little while, and David ran to her happily, I commented, "Oh, it's the nice master." She didn't get the reference, but wasn't bothered by it either.

Speaking of grandmas, I brought a bunch of the leftover pizza to my grandma's house, and she really liked it. I guess it was easier for her to chew than most of the stuff she's had lately (her dentures have been bothering her, and Mom doesn't think she's up to going to the dentist just yet). So I've been volunteered to make pizza for Christmas Eve dinner. I have enough leftover supplies that this won't be a lot of work. However, we still need to get stuff for Christmas dinner. The plan is to make Thai food (it sort of became a tradition two years ago...), and we need chicken and coconut milk at a minimum. I think I've got enough eggs for the coconut custard. I need to look up what else we need. I hope Mom and I can go shopping for the stuff tomorrow. It's going to be completely insane on Saturday. I ought to get a list together...and now I'm rambling... So I'll stop.

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