21 December 2005

Two more, not-quite-boxes

I had two (boxless) items to wrap that were...awkwardly sized for the origami boxes. Then it occurred to me that these objects were both quite flat, and I knew an envelope fold. It's intended for turning a letter into its own envelope, and is one of the few folds I know that requires rectangular paper: it doesn't work on square paper. It's also not from Tomoko Fuse. It comes from The Origami Handbook by Rick Beech ( Amazon) There are some nice things in this book, but its instructions are not very clear. I bought it because it used photographs rather than diagrams, and at the time I thought that would be so much easier to follow. Nope. A well-made diagram is a thousand times more informative than a poorly labelled photograph. Anyway, here are the results of this latest wrapping:

Since it's not really intended to hold anything, there is a noticeable gap in the front. So I covered it, with ribbon in one case and with a gift tag in the other.

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