27 December 2005

Mission: Successful

Time: 10:00 am
Location: a small house on a little-used road on one of the many hills in Pocatello
Objective: Retrieve Grandma's Buick LeSabre, deliver it to Hirning's for an oil change, return

Mission Report:

No trouble retrieving said car (heretofore referred to as GBL). Door was open. Keys were on the counter. Obtained blank check from G with which to finance the operation. End of Phase 1. Hirning's had not relocated and was thus easy to find. Handed keys over with instructions that they change the oil as well as wash and vacuum. End of Phase 2. Now had an hour to kill. Wandered to a nearby craftstore and secured very cheap, square paper. Wandered to the next-door dollar store and secured random decorations for M's room. Ascertained that it was now 10:53 am. Crossed the street to a furniture store. Scouted for bookcases for M. Found a candidate, but it may not be deep enough. Future inquiry is advised. Returned to Hirning's. Listened to an attempt to give driving directions to a tow-truck. Located the cashier's counter. Filled in the appropriate amount on the check. Secured the keys. Drove GBL back to G's house. Phase 3 complete. Operation a success.

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