14 December 2005

Merry Christmas!

*grins* I finally got my Christmas decorations up! Well, the tree and a few other things. I still need to put my fancy schmancy lights around the ceiling, but that can wait a bit. I also rearranged the living room, much to my relief. It's been in the same configuration since August. This is bothersome. I still need to vacuum under the tv stand (it's on wheels; no big) and move the side table by the door to vaccuum and put Christmas finery on (oh, and dust it; definitely dust it). That's slightly more of a pain, but it's pretty small. A note on the picture above: it was taken without a flash, and my camera seems to have an infrared setting. Yeah, I took a picture with a flash, and it was clearer, but I like this one better. Anyway, Merry Christmas!


kate said...

What's the globular light on the top of your tree?

Qalmlea said...

A star, of course! (It's actually not that globular in real-light; I think the IR lens just can't distinguish the separate lights)