13 December 2005

Good News, Bad News, and Weird News

Good news: My problems to grade on the Math143 final are a log problem and a word problem. Half of students leave these blank or write such nonsense that it's instantly a zero. Thus, easy to grade.

Good Addendum: All of the tests that are in so far, I have graded. Some won't come in till tomorrow though.

Bad news: Grandma's in the hospital again. Why? Diarhea and other stomach problems as well as severely low blood sugar (which my mom thinks is because she took too much insulin for the amount of food she ate). On the plus side, her blood sugar had started to come up before Mom got her to the hospital.

Not necessarily bad addendum: They're sending Grandma to Blackfoot to get a permanent catheter for dialysis, and they're sending her in the ambulance. Mom is going to follow, and she's going to pick me up in a few minutes. This is possibly GOOD news, since it means Grandma is stable enough to go gallivanting.

Weird news: During the 143 final exam last night, I got severely stir-crazy in the last ten minutes (two students still there), so I arranged all the chalk and erasers. 6 pieces of chalk on the left end of each tray. One eraser at the right end. That left 7 pieces of chalk and four erasers, so 6 pieces of chalk and one eraser went in the middle of the back blackboard. Three erasers, an unopened box of chalk, and one piece of chalk went in the middle of the front blackboard.

Weird Addendum: Did the same thing in the Math 253 room: No chalk left over; 5 erasers left over. So I made a sort of "house of cards" of them on the front blackboard.

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