08 July 2005

Movies and Silliness

Last night, I went over to Kim and Spence's. We'd decided last week that Thursday would be a good movie night. I grabbed two movies that I hadn't seen (as suggestions), and we wound up watching Chicago. I had borrowed it from my mom a year ago and never gotten around to watching it. I doubt she even remembers it's gone; she's got a huge stack of DVD's that she's never watched. Thankfully she seems to be off her kick of buying five more every week.

Chicago. It was an enjoyable musical. It's not one that I'm eager to own for myself, but it was fun. The best parts were the court-case analogies. Like the trial lawyer is suddenly presented with a surprise witness and does a 'tap dance.' A literal tap dance since this is a musical, but you get the idea. Sad thing is that whenever a high-paid lawyer gets involved, the court case does tend to turn into a circus. I did make one non-court observation. The skimpier the outfit the background dancers wore, the less appealing they seemed. No clue if a male would agree... After the scene was over, I didn't think to ask.

Also last night I got invited into Kim and Spence's D&D group. I was somewhat irritated that they hadn't thought to invite me, oh, several months ago... Apparently Spencer got in trouble for inviting someone in without clearing it with the DM beforehand. We set up my character last night, but not much else. Anyway, I'm a chaotic neutral half-elf Druid. Snippets of conversation:
"Chaotic neutral really fits a Druid."
"Hey, chaotic neutral really fits Qalmlea."
Anyway, they have a NPC pigeon who is currently tied up in a bar, and they're expecting to go on a mission to rescue it at some point. I will try to explain. Two of the characters (Kim's and Micah's) speak the bird language. They gave the pigeon some gold coins and sent it to the bar to get some chocolate milk. The bartender, who likely did not speak bird language, took the gold, tied the pigeon up, and hung it from the ceiling, where it has become a tourist attraction. The pigeon's name is Bartholomew. Oh, yeah, I'm supposed to scan in the Druid spells and make myself a copy so I have some clue what I can do... First, I will need to, say, connect the scanner to the computer. *sighs*

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