05 July 2005

Independence Day

So yesterday was the fourth of July. Usually it's a holiday I look forward to, since it's not often that I'm encouraged to set things on fire. This year I was dreading it, because it would mean spending time with my mom and dad together, pretending to ignore each other. Thus I was quite relieved when Kim and Spence invited me to watch fireworks at Kim's parent's house. They have a balcony that affords a wonderful view of the fairground fireworks.

They also had a barbecue. I ate a steak. I don't particularly like steak. It tastes like dead cow. Perhaps beef marinated in a nice Thai peanuts sauce would taste all right, served with lots of vegetables and some rice. Better yet, change the beef to chicken. The really strange thing was that Kim's dad kept apologizing for my steak being so small...and it was a larger portion of meat than I usually eat at a meal. This seemed to thoroughly confuse both Kim's parents. I was offered another steak or a Bratwurst several more times.

Also last night I finally met Kim's friend Micah (whom I had heard a lot about). Very nice kid. He looks a lot like Legolas...just add some brown to the skin and hair, and reshape Legolas's nose, and you'd have someone who looks a lot like Micah. He comes pretty close to being gorgeous, in fact. He doesn't quite have the attitude or the voice to pull off being 'gorgeous' (plus he's ten years younger than I am), but he comes close.

After the big fireworks show, we went over to Kim and Spence's house to have our own, private show. I was Prometheus. I like being Prometheus. :-D The wind kept trying to snuff out the lighter I was using, but I got 'em all lit. Random bits of advice: (1) Avoid firework chickens. They're lame. (2) Firework tanks, though, are quite entertaining.


Fibonacci said...

Doesn't chicken taste like a dead chicken?

Qalmlea said...

:-D Yes, but dead chicken actually tastes edible.

Fibonacci said...

I've always found beef to be quite edible.

Qalmlea said...

In the sense that the stomach can digest it, sure. But it still tastes like dead cow. On the rare occasions when I actually WANT beef, it's usually because I'm iron deficient, and irons supplements taste better.