02 January 2008

December Searchlight

I'm going to try to be brief this time and just list the more interesting ones.

gluten free hot chocolate (and variations thereof): Go here. This has been a surprisingly popular search term.
hoist the colors full song: probably brought on by the recent release of the third movie on DVD, but here's my post with the full lyrics.
penguin swatting game: Er, wow. I'd completely forgotten about this game.
gluten free coating for fish: ^/^ I'm glad to see that my gluten free tips post are of use to some people. Here's the relevant one. No guarantees about fish, but they work well on chicken.
importance of socks: *blinks* My sarcastic title was a search topic???
zafu fort collins: Try the Nepal/Tibet import store. It's on College Avenue, near where the Stone Lion bookstore used to be.
amber spyglass sex (with lots of variations on this theme): Strongly implied.
at world's end parachute: Unfortunate. Looked a bit too much like a parachute.
chicken stew with a good smell: Depends on what you put in it. If the stuff you put in it smells good, the stew will probably smell good.
freud useful or not: For some people, sure. For most, probably not.
i think i'm going mad blog: Well, you've come to the right place. We're all mad here. '/^
square memo paper: Is usually a lie. It's often an eighth of an inch off, which is very annoying for folding stuff out of it.
zucchini bread principles: Ummmm... Yeah... Thou Shalt not be made with Gluten comes to mind...

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