08 January 2008

Breaking the News

All I can say is, wow. Via Daylight Atheism, I found a post discussing this article about the Mainstream Media. Read it. I mean it. Yes, it's long. Just bloody well read it. It explains a whole hell of a lot that's been making me angry over the past five years since I discovered news sources on the internet.

I find a fascinating story. Fresh. Relevant. Important. It takes 1-6 months for it even to get a mention in the MSM. Why were people such sheep about Bush in the last election? Because they had no bloody friggin' clue what was really going on. Remember the Riddler's mind-control-through-tv-scheme in Batman Forever? You don't need anything fancy. Just a bunch of audience-pandering tenthwits who care more about ratings than actual news. I'm going to stop there, before I break into a stream of incoherent insults pocked with four-letter words. But, if you actually care about what's really happening in the world, Read the Article.


John said...

It's really good to see this from the inside. TV/Cable news has been almost exclusively about ratings for a long time now.

Network was made in 1976, and is a terrifyingly accurate prediction. (Except for what happens to Faye Dunway's character, so far)

Qalmlea said...

I'll have to see if I can find that.