05 January 2008

Fun With Numerology

Every so often, I like to fiddle with this site, which will give you a free tarot reading, numerology reading, i ching, and probably dozens of others that you may or may not have heard of. Warning: it is fairly ad intensive, and every so often a pop-up gets through my blocker. But I still like to fiddle with it now and again. It just...amuses me.

So let's see what gems of wisdom it has for me today:

So... anything without a ? on it I would consider reasonable as a descriptor of myself. A tilde would be slightly questionable. Other commentary in parentheses. And just to make it more interesting, I'll score each word. I'll only put the totals after each section, but a '0' would mean "So generic it could apply to anyone." +1 would be somewhat accurate for me, -1 somewhat inaccurate... maximum of 3 in either directions

In Your Public Life...
Words that embody your presence are "Agility, Ambition(~), Author, Barbarism(?), Forest, Iridium(???), Monkey (as in Repulse the Monkey, perhaps?), Prayer(???), Shepherd(?), Shout(~), Spring (?), Violet (hey! I'm wearing purple today!), Warlock, Wisdom". +3

Words that embody the people or things that you interact with are "Africa (???), Boat (not in the middle of winter, matey), Change, Death (how does one interact with death, prey?), Fire (candles!!), Gold, Jackal (look, I've never been to Africa, okay?), Ocean (is about 900 miles away), Palace (really? is it free?), Rich (don't I wish...), Tide (okay, I do use Tide laundry detergent)". -9

Words that embody things that you may be a part of are "Transformation" (YAY! I'm a part of Transformation! Now if only that seemed to mean something...). +1

Words that embody people or things in your periphery are "Authority (very peripheral, yup), Compulsion (who's doing the compelling, I wonder...), Intimidation (c'mon, I'm not that intimidating, am I?), Sterility (they obviously haven't seen my house lately...)". -3

In Your Private Life...
Words that embody your presence are "Bliss (Right... so people bliss out due to my divine presence... I think my students would disagree `/^), Ebony (Two black kitties count?), Magenta (No... I tend to avoid magenta), Mist (for when the kitties misbehave), Steel (Nope. Don't wear armor either), Trance (You are getting sleeeeeepyyyyyyy...)". 0

Words that embody the people or things that you interact with are "Cage". (Actually... that sounds somewhat accurate. I do occasionally feel trapped by things) +2

Words that embody people or things in your periphery are "Community (in everyone's periphery, isn't it?), Fertility(???), Immunity (from what?), Infinity, Ingenuity, Kaleidoscope (lava lamp close enough?), Linguistics, Misadventure, Monolith (nah, I prefer a polylith), Platinum(?), Profanity(?), Pursuit (of what?), Puzzle (Mom and I put one together for New Year's, does that count?), Retribution (I'll get you, my pretty! You and your little dog, too!), Sculptor(???), Strategy, Technology (how else would I get to the web-site, hmmm?), Temptation (Oh, please!), Ugliness (in the midst of cleaning, what else would you expect?), Virility (???), Voyeur(???)". -3

In Your Spiritual Life...
Words that embody your presence are "Constitution". (LOL. The Constitution as a spiritual document? Sounds better than many.) 0

Words that embody things that may be a part of you are "Addiction (caffeine, occasionally), Flower (bought myself some for New Years), Ice (Duh. It's Winter), Kitten, Lingerie (Er, no), Massacre (Great! Who do I get to attack?!?), Mother, Murder (Best avoided. Legal complications an' all), Paradox, Sword". +6

Words that embody people or things in your periphery are "Crystal (makes pretty rainbows on the wall), Descendant (whose?), Ivory (if we stretch that to ivories as in piano keys, okay), Memory, Mystic, Oblivion (aka sleep), Parasite (ack. I hope not), Potency (meaningless without some other descriptor to attach to it), Prophet(???), Revival (of what?), Sentinel(?), Success, Summer (wrong time of year, me bucko), Sunset (wrong time of day, too), Talisman, Treaty, Tyrant (Vetinari?), Unity, Virus (possible cold at the moment), Waterfall (melt-off yesterday?), Whisper, Winter (DING!)". +13

So +10 overall... I was expecting it to be closer to 0. But that's exactly why things like this work. We tend to read ourselves into them whether we're really there or not. ^/^

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