11 January 2008

Humor, but was it Intentional?

New episode of Moonlight tonight. And, no, I don't know if they got them all written and shot before the writer's strike or what. A mild spoiler below the fold.

There was a scene where Mick goes all-out monster-vamp to exact revenge. I'm not sure what the intended effect of the scene was...but I'm pretty sure that the director wasn't going for hilarity. Between the music and the out-and-out goofiness of the place where it was set... I was busting up laughing through it. Now, I would expect the desired effect was more on the order of excitement tinged with horror/distaste/uneasiness. But it was just funny. Unfortunately, humor wasn't the prevailing mood of the rest of it.

Hmmm... maybe the director was trying to lighten the mood slightly and overdid it. That's somewhat plausible. The events immediately before and after were very dark. *shrugs*


John said...

Haven't seen it yet, but the mention of (un)intentional hilarity always reminds me of an episode of BtVs.

Oz is telling Willow that he has to search for a cure to his lycanthropy. Willow is crying. The music is very dramatic and sad. It's a real tearjerker. Until a teardrop falls from Willow's chin with a clearly audible *bloop* I don't know how it could have not been intentional.

Qalmlea said...

I vaguely remember that. It didn't strike me as funny, but it (the sound) certainly had to be deliberate. If they hadn't wanted it, they could have edited out the sound in post.

I'd have to watch it again, I suppose, to see if it came across as funny to me.

John said...

Just watched it. I agree about the revenge scene being unintentionally funny.

I was really disappointed by the made-up blood type thing. "AO negative" I almost had to stop watching right there.

Qalmlea said...

Hmmm. I'm not finding that name for humans, but there are some pretty rare human blood types that would work instead. I'd never heard of any of these.

Here's the Referring Site. So the idea works... someone just needed to find a real name for a rare blood type. *shrugs*