04 July 2007

Hoist the Colours for the Fourth

Fourth of July again, and we're still fighting a bloody, useless war. When did the USA become the evil empire, I wonder... Or maybe it's impossible to be an empire without being evil. Either way, Hoist the Colours captures my feelings more accurately than any of the jaunty, cheery patriot songs that I once loved. If I had a Jolly Roger, I'd fly it today. Note to those who haven't seen the movie: this song occurs right at the beginning, and while it is suggestive of spoilerism, it doesn't achieve it unless you already know what's going to happen.

Yo, ho, haul together,
hoist the Colours high.
Heave ho, thieves and beggars,
never shall we die.

The king and his men
stole the queen from her bed
and bound her in her Bones.
The seas be ours
and by the powers
where we will we’ll roam.

Yo, ho, haul together,
hoist the Colours high.
Heave ho, thieves and beggars,
never shall we die.

Some men have died
and some are alive
and others sail on the sea
– with the keys to the cage…
and the Devil to pay
we lay to Fiddler’s Green!

The bell has been raised
from its watery grave…
Do you hear its sepulchral tone?
We are a call to all,
pay head the squall
and turn your sail toward home!

Yo, ho, haul together,
hoist the Colours high…
Heave ho, thieves and beggars,
never shall we die.

For more (and to view or listen to most of the song from the movie), go here. It's not the full song, but it's the most complete version I could find. Of course, since the movie hasn't even been released onto DVD yet, it's a bit odd that that much is available. And, no, the full song does not appear on the soundtrack CD, much to my disappointment. Just the first verse and the chorus.

And whilst seeking appropriate piratey emblems for this post, I came across this analysis of the series: A Pirate's Life for Me. Much more in depth than mine. :^) Am I obsessing a bit over the Pirates movies lately? Probably. But it's only to make sure I stay slightly insane rather than diving into the holiday depths again. Been there; done that; insane is much more better! Just ask my newly proclaimed arch-nemesis. ;^) *puts a pillow on her head and calls it lego carnage*

And, amazingly, it seems I now have plans for the Fourth. I'm making pizza (real pizza; not ricecake), and Mom and I are going to watch Batman Begins.


John said...

Batman Begins was really good.

Starting over from the beginning was a good idea. The Batman movies really sucked after Returns (which was okay, but not great).

Also, this time the story gives more depth to Bruce Wayne/Batman.

Plus, coolest Batmobile ever.

Qalmlea said...

Eh, I liked Batman Forever. Joel Schumacher had Val Kilmer to keep him from ruining that one. (They swore never to work together again after that)

Joel Schumacher is good at flash and sizzle, and not so good at, say, plot and character. And he actually seems to have gotten worse over the years. Flatliners actually had a decent (if rather odd and silly) plot. And he did a decent job on A Time to Kill and The Client, but there's not much room for the inanities that often ruin his stuff there. Phantom of the Opera was wretched in most respects, but there Schumacher also did the screenplay.

I'll stop rambling now.