03 October 2007

Tired Wednesday

Symphony tonight. I'd almost rather sleep. One test to give tomorrow, which gives me a slight break lecturing wise, but not grading-wise (then stats next week and 143 the week after that). *sighs* I need more non T/Th office hours to get stuff done; I'm lousy at getting grading done at home.

And since I keep forgetting to post the links, here are my latest efforts on the Tao te Ching:

Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8

I'm really too tired to write anything of much interest at the moment, so here's a poem from Daily Zen:

To shake off the
Dust of human ambition
I sit on moss in
Zen robes of stillness,
While through the window,
In the setting sun
Of late autumn,
Falling leaves whirl
And drop to the stone dais.

- Tesshu Tokusai (?–1366)

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