29 October 2007

In Parallel

Ha! I just maneuvered my Echo into a very small parking space, with roughly a foot of room, total! All hail the parking queen! (who, quite royally, had to make two goes of it, unless she wanted the royal vehicle parked halfway on the royal sidewalk) Incidentally, I hear that the new Echoes (now inexplicably called Yaris) are about a foot longer than mine. They wouldn't have fit at all. ^/^

Oh, and since I keep forgetting to mention it, I have major pet peeve about people who park at the ends of available parking and leave half a car length. You're wasting space, people! Pull clear up to the end, or back clear down to the end. Use the available space!!! My goal is to have my bumper just barely over the yellow line. That's what I consider perfect. More often, I'm about five-eight inches away, which is worlds better than half a car length.

This post brought to you by the effects of early morning hot chocolate and sleep deprivation.

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