27 October 2007

Warring States

Odd dream segment last night. I was in some sort of impromptu prison camp with maybe 8 others. One of the newest ones to be thrown in with us had a key with him. Despite looking like the key to an overgrown jewelry box (brass, with a heart at the end), it turned out to fit the lock on the door. Though, now that I'm not dreaming, I'm reasonably certain that the door and lock were both flimsy enough that we could have just broken through, which means we should have at least tried to free the two prisoners who chained to something inside the prison, er, tent. I'll bet the locks there were just as flimsy.

At any rate, I got out of the "cell" and started wandering around...well...something that looked an awful lot like the old Fred Meyer, before it moved over to where the Pocatello Mall used to be, except there were areas set off behind the retail areas displaying national(?) treasures for the people running the prison camp. Several times I went back over to the cell, looking for a way to free the two we'd had to leave behind. The last time, I went back into one of the treasure areas. There were crystals and statues on shelves and nooks in the walls, and all sorts of tiny drawers, like someone had lines the walls with normal chests of drawers...except that all the drawers were jewelry-box size, say, 1 inch high by five inches wide. Out of curiosity, I opened one of the drawers. Whatever was inside was so sparkly that I couldn't make out its shape, and seemed to be encrusted with diamonds. Anyway, it was as I made my way along the huge jewelry armoire that I accidentally bumped something and made a noise, and got the attention of a...guard, presumably.

She was Asian, black hair almost to her waist, wearing some sort of lavender-grey business-skirt outfit and didn't seem too concerned by the noise, but still came out to investigate. I tried to hide...but there weren't very many places to hide. As soon as she saw me... well, she looked surprised, but then I was tackled by someone else entirely. Not sure if there was a sudden character swap or what.

Anyway, the guy who tackled me was also Asian, with flyaway hair maybe 4-5 inches long that stuck out in every direction. He wound up pushing me down the corridor in something of a dance....with a musical interlude where it really was a dance...then we went back to fighting.

Then the scene cut away to black. An ominous voice declared that the plan was proceeding. Soon California would be known as the Citrus State, but first they had to quell any opposition from Florida.

About this time, the alarm went off. So apparently I was in a Chinese prison camp, inside Fred Meyer, being run so that California could steal the title of "Citrus State" from Florida. ^/^ That one's odd even by my standards.

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John said...

"That one's odd even by my standards."

Seemed pretty linear to me. ;)