01 October 2007


Well, it's the end of the month. Or, at least, the beginning of the next month. So here are some searches that got people to my blog.

Most popular?

flute rack - best bet? Buy two wooden peg tie racks, a few slats of wood, some spray paint and some cloth/ribbon to wrap around the pegs to protect the flutes.

ibuprofen withdrawal - Annoying, but not as annoying as caffeine withdrawal. For me it went away after four or five days. Mild headache and nausea, intermittent.

mis quizzes - As in Les Mis? Otherwise, me confused.

yang long form - Cool, enjoyable, but I know more about the yang short form.

More below the fold.

"banana bread" "tapioca flour", "bean flour" "bread recipe", "bette hagman" four bean flour sorghum, arrowroot in banana bread (wow, there are a TON of variations on this; I ought to get some more recipes up) - Bit of a pain, but do-able. If you don't have it already, buy Bette Hagman's Gluten-Free Gourmet Bakes Bread.
"ben lo" taiji - if he's not a master, he's the closest I've ever seen to a master. I missed the workshop this fall, but learning the long form would have put my short form off anyway.
"candle ledge"+wall - beautiful, especially in reflection.
"email stephen spielberg" - I'm pretty sure I was joking.
"if you miss the train" - First line of a very good song.
"pineapple weed" edible/medicinal - Can't remember what it's for, but it does grow around here.
"pork and seeds" - Enjoyable. Watch out for soy sauce on the meat.
"precision glass and doors" - They did a pretty good job, but if something changes on your job, make sure to keep reminding them about it.
"quote 500" blogspot - Okay... I know why I posted about a quote 500, but have no clue why anyone would search for it.
"stretches and strengthening exercises" - Try yoga. It does both at once and, done properly, is unlikely to overstress anything.
"two drinks under par - One of my favorite descriptions of Sam Vimes.
"why bush lost the war" - (a) he's a moron; (b) he only appoints yes-men; (c) he's a moron
atv trails around inkom, id - I can tell you more about hiking trails, but half of Gibson Jack is open to ATVs.
basement windows rotten frames - Bad news, but now replaced. Hope you can get yours replaced, too.
black angel in dream - Did it have fangs?
brief summary of ten commandments - Obey god; avoid thinking.
bubblehead big band - Scary.
buckwheat bolster - Very solid. I found mine at the Nepal/Tibet import store in Fort Collins.
canadian fleabane "soy sauce" - Uh... WHAT?
centennial trail lava hot springs - Very steep, then I ran into mosquitoes and gave up. Haven't been back.
changing a two pronged outlet to a three pronged outlet - Pray that the previous electricians didn't cut the groundwire down to the nub.
civilization and its discontents quotes - You might find more searching for "Freud quotes" unless there was a reason you wanted that specific work.
david hume dialogues concerning natural religion philo - Good read. Highly recommended.
decongestant backlash - I'm pretty sure that mine was mainly due to ibuprofen. I expect that double backlash would have been much worse.
eating corn smut - It's a delicacy in some parts of Mexico, but it sure is ugly.
egress window wells fake rock decorative - Cool. I'd like to do that to my foundation. Actually, I'd like to do that to my entire house... but I think I'd have to gather and cut the rocks myself to afford it.
epicureanism afterlife - None.
fever/cold - Uh, you might want to be more specific.
fibonacci's birthday - May 23. Oh, wait, you meant this Fibonacci?
find two-prong outlet replacement - try any hardware or department store
fluffy germs - LOL. Matt was telling me about Mono and Flesh-Eating stuffed toys, etc, but I have no clue what the link is to find them.
gomden - rectangular meditation cushion; I prefer zafus.
grolla's portland - Haven't made it there yet. Kind of a fussy menu, but at least nearly everything is gluten-free.
growing zuchinni in colorado - put the seed in the ground when it's not likely to frost again; water; wait. Seriously, zuchinni don't need much attention, and seem to be spelled zucchini.
harry potter and the deathly hallows brief summary - And they all lived happily ever after, except the ones who died.
hauling a refrigerator on its side - Not recommended. Let stand for at least a day before plugging back in.
hell's half acre, inkom - It's closer to Idaho Falls, actually...
horse stance and knee injuries - Keep the knee lined up over the toes. Narrow your stance if necessary.
is fireweed a nitrogen fixer - Not that I know of, but I'm no expert.
knights that say neat, knights who say ni tibia,
the knight who say knee
- Ummm... okay... My own pun was bad enough...
kunicki.info - if you mean Cathi Kunicki, she's a very good math instructor who's in charge of Math 25 and 15 at ISU. Cares a lot. Has a lot more patience than I do.
m&m mini, quarters - So I'm not the only one who's noticed that the tubes are the perfect size for keeping quarters in! Pity that I can't eat the M&M's. Dextrin. Sometimes made from wheat.
mowgli story of the dragon who kept getting smaller - I'll have to dig out my copy and reread... that's not ringing a bell.
origami tsuzura - Ah ha! The very first origami box I made! If you've got Tomoko Fuse's book, be patient. You might skip to the triangle boxes; they're actually easier, ironically enough.
pinwheel for grave - more durable than flowers; helps to alleviate the sadness.
pseudogout and magnesium - If that's what I've got in my left ankle, magnesium helps. Me, anyway. But I have no evidence that what I've got is really pseudogout, and most of the info I've found says that once the calcium crystals get deposited, you're stuck with them.
purple moon pocatello - Good store. Better if they restocked more often.
purpose philosophy class - As in "on purpose" "what is the purpose of" "purpose of life"?
rattlesnakes and fibonacci - Maybe he'd like a pet rattlesnake to go with his pet mantis...
rikki-tikki-tavi what is the main message the authoris trying to get across First off, SHORTEN! Second off, have you tried READING the story?
schlock mercenary flip flops - I suppose if there's a market for them, you might talk Howard Tayler into making some...
snopes where did the dumbest guy are earth scene take place - Insert joke here.
sporadic fever - Doesn't sound fun.
stir fry chicken - Good meal. Try it with sesame oil, red pepper, garlic and ginger (or your favorite substitute).
taiji knee injury - sadly common. Keep the knees over the toes and BEND AT THE HIPS. And hope your hip doesn't lock up on you, forcing the rotation into the knee...
the gunk on my teeth - probably plaque; brush often.
the wheel of time nynaeve and lan - bittersweet romance.
things that go bump in the night: evolutionary interactions - you might be better off at Science Blogs.
two gargoyle's one lies one tells truth puzzle - Ask what the OTHER one would say.
watermelon or ballistics gel - Try both!
what does an anesthesiologist do parody song - There is one?
ying yang clock fixture insert - ??? No clue.

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