12 October 2007

Two Complaints...

...about Moonlight. First off, the freezer thing is just weird. Especially considering that no one would have had freezers a few hundred years ago. Presumably this will be handwaved as "Why d'ya think vampires slept in crypts?"

The second thing involves a minor spoiler, so it's below the fold.

Last week's episode ended with Beth finding Mick vamped out and desperately sucking on an IV bag full of blood. At this point, he didn't have much choice but to tell her what he was, and it ended right there, with Beth still staring at him. So the next episode should have started right there. Anything else is just sloppy writing. It was implied that Beth had run off afterwards, but that needed to be shown, either as the ending of the last ep, or as the beginning of this one. You don't end at a cliffhanger without at least showing some of the follow-up. Not implying: showing.

Otherwise, I'm still enjoying the show. ^/^

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