06 July 2007

Online Gluten-free Resources

Since I know there's at least one fellow celiac who reads me occasionally, I thought I'd post some of the better online GF stores here. When I find others, I'll update.

Bob's Red Mill: You can find all the most common gluten-free flours here, plus xanthan gum, baking powder, etc, as well as raw and roasted buckwheat. Also, you can buy some items in bulk, 25 lb bags. The first time I ordered from them, it took about a month (likely because they were waiting for my credit card to clear); after that, it's always been right round a week.

Gluten-Free Mall: Baking supplies as well as pre-made items. Last time I checked, they carried Enjoy Life chocolate chips, which are guaranteed gluten AND soy-free. It's also nice, once in a while, to order some of their cookies or crackers. As I recall, orders generally take 1-2 weeks.

Gifts of Nature: This is the newest one (for me, anyway). They carry Montina flour, which I would really, really like to have again. The flavor is awesome. It is a bit dry, but there are ways to compensate. I haven't ordered from them yet, so I'll report back if I do.


Aunt Bee said...

Thanks! I am ready for new sources. I found out that my ace-in-the-hole (Azure Standard) packages many of their grains and flours bulk in the same area, so contamination is likely. I am saddened by this, but hopefully I will be able to find what I need at one of these links you have kindly provided.

Qalmlea said...

Best of luck. :^)

Bob's Red Mill has a line of certified GF products (ones not certified probably have some risk of contamination, but it's slight). The Gluten-Free-Mall only carries certified GF products.

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