13 July 2007


President George W. Bush has struck an aggressive new tone in his clash with Congress over Iraq, telling lawmakers they had no business trying to manage the war, portraying the conflict as a showdown with Al Qaeda and warning that any move toward withdrawal now would risk "mass killings on a horrific scale." Source.

As opposed to staying in Iraq, which will guarantee that mass killings continue on a horrific scale. Almost a year ago, a study placed the death toll at 650,000 Iraqis. As usual, conservatives reacted by denying the validity of the study, without actually explaining what part of the methodology was incorrect.

Some links that discussed the study intelligently (with links to others for those who are interested):
Good Math, Bad Math
The Questionable Authority

In a nutshell: that figure was probably an overestimate, but not by a huge amount. And we've had, oh, almost 10 months of continuous war and bloodshed since then. Yup. We don't want to pull out now and risk mass killing when we can stay and guarantee mass killing!


John said...

I Drew This has a good post on this subject, too.

How has this guy not been impeached yet?

Qalmlea said...

Partisan politics, warhawk repugnicans, and far too many people who see only what they want to see.

John said...


more like chickenhawk

Qalmlea said...