19 July 2007


I seem to have acquired a mild cold, likely the same one my mom has. If it's not gone tomorrow morning, I plan to get violent. Beware! Flee the terror of my irrationality, foul microscopic organisms! You shall not survive!

Additionally, it looks like there is no reasonable way for me to simply place the kittens with a store. Petco only places animals that come to it through a humane society, which would require giving up all control over them and allowing them to be euthanized should they not be placed. My response to that consists of two four-letter words. The second one is "that." You figure out the first. As for McKee's, they do not make sure the kittens are vaccinated before people adopt them, and only charge $15. So... I guess I'll get them vaccinated myself, post some ads around, and charge enough to cover the vaccinations. *sighs*

I find it incredibly annoying that there are all these places that want to help people adopt pets, but none that have any reasonable procedure for helping you provide said pets to adopt. Likely this is due to the pet overpopulation, but still. Okay, they're trying to shut out "pet farms," that I can understand, but how does not accepting pets not from pet farms help?

So I've got the kittens for a while longer, probably until we get back from Colorado. Taiji camp starts next Friday. And I need someone to take care of them while I'm gone...

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