26 July 2007

Back in ol' FC

Pretty uneventful trip, discounting the fact that neither Mom nor I slept well the night before and were both grateful for the opportunity to sleep whilst the other drove. Tons of construction, even before we got to Wyoming. We got into Fort Collins around 18:00, overate at Sri Thai (first time I've ever seen white, male servers in there; in the past, they've been female, with the occasional Thai male), then headed over to Barnes and Noble. I think I was too tired to care about finding anything. I was tempted by a Carlos Nakai CD, but not enough to actually buy it. I was going to stop at Wild Oats and see if they had any decent lunch meat, but I was too tired to find it, and then I turned one street too soon on the way back to the hotel and wound up backtracking. So...I'm not as awake as I feel.

My mom noticed I was a bit out of it, and as a test asked me to recite the alphabet backwards. I did so, with maybe three brief pauses. I wasn't sure what this was supposed to prove since I routinely read things backwards, sometimes without noticing what they say forwards. One day at ISU I had the word "Re-rolp-skeh" running through my head, and I had no clue where it had come from. Finally I mentally turned the sounds around and figured out that I must have walked by a Ford Explorer on the way down to my office. Anyway, I think I've reached the limits of my coherency for the night. Good night.

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