27 July 2007


Forgot to mention that there was a fox in the Barnes and Noble parking lot. As in the reddish, furry animal. Very cute. Also seemed very disoriented. First I just saw a blur of motion, and figured there was a dog wandering around. Then got a good look, and it was a fox. Just off of Fort Collins' busiest street. There used to be some fields across Mason (behind B&N), so maybe it wandered in from there.

And apparently Wyoming construction crews can't tell the difference between a lane being closed and a lane that ends. Hint: a lane that ends, well, ENDS. As in, it is no more, it ceases to be, it's crumbled and gone to be reground. A lane that's CLOSED is still there, just cordoned off by Bob the barrel-guy's incessant placement of orange barrier markers. Yes, dear old Bob. Able to be in many places at once, of many ages and appearances at once...able to place orange construction barrels at his whim, whether needed or not. Bob the Barrel Guy. Rivals with Carl the Cone Guy. Steve the Stick Guy got bored with construction and went into show business as Steve the Magic Prop Guy. If you've seen any of the Highlander tv show episodes where Duncan, minus car or coat and wearing fairly tight clothing, suddenly has a sword, you've seen Steve's work.


John said...

Ah, yes. I-80 in WY. I drive it every day between Exit 89 (Green river) and Exit 66 (Granger).

Qalmlea said...

Yeah. This is the first year that I've noticed the confusion between "lane ends" and "lane closed," though. So far Colorado construction companies have been able to tell the difference.

Qalmlea said...

And I would have made a brief update, but either blogger's gone pear-shaped, or this hotel's one public computer is. So I'll just state for the record that, yes, I'm still alive, and that taiji camp was quite enjoyable, and I hope that this comment actually makes it through the inane system at the hotel.