18 July 2007


Kittens: Rascally and Rambunctious. As soon as my mom tells me which one(s) she wants, it'll be time to put the others up for adoption. McKee's requires owners to get vaccinations themselves and only charges $15 for the kittens. I don't think that's enough; I want owners to be willing to pay a bit more up front so that I know they're serious about taking care of the kitties. I keep meaning to stop at Petco and find out their policies... haven't made it yet.

Knee: Much better. The swelling's down a lot, which isn't completely a good thing. The meniscus acts as a cushion between the femur above and the fibia(?) and tibia below. The swelling was providing a bit of extra cushion, keeping more of the weight off of the meniscus. It's been a bit more...twingey since the swelling's gone down. Though I can now tell that the part that's injured is on the inner part of the leg, near the skin. That's a good thing: the center of the meniscus doesn't get as much blood flow, and tends not to heal very well (if at all). The outside has a decent blood supply and thus heals more rapidly.

Klothing: Yeah, I know. I had to reach for the 'K'. But it's been a while since I've seen any clothing that I liked, and I'm rather badly in need of sleeveless shirts and stretchable shorts at the moment. Not quite as badly now. I found two tank-tops, a pair of shorts and a pair of capris at Fred Meyer. The tank tops were on clearance, and everything else was 30% off.

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