10 July 2007

The Danger of Grass

Grass seeds, more specifically. I was getting the kittens back inside, and had two black and two grey. One black one was missing. I had a good idea where it was, as I'd had to pull some out from under the raspberry bushes before. He was laying down, not moving, and when I grabbed him I saw why. There were three sort of barbs sticking out of his left eye. I pulled on them, and they were attached to a single seed, from a wild grass that's been showing up in my yard. His eye was pretty swollen, and he acted like it was sore. I called the vet, and wound up at Alta animal hospital after Alpine gave me a whiny run-around. The seed scratched Jacques' cornea, so they gave me some antibiotic cream to put in his eye twice a day. He won't like it, but if it keeps it from getting infected, I'll be happy. He's been pretty sleepy ever since; I think the car ride and the vet wore him out.

And my knee is doing well. Still a bit swollen and sore, but it seems to like the walks with Buster. No twinges today when he tugged either, though either he didn't tug as often or I was planted solidly enough that I didn't even notice. I have used the injury as an excuse to change up the walks a little. I walked up a new road on my parents' hill, giving Buster an opportunity to gawk at a back-hoe. He doesn't bark much, but he does stop and stare. The only time I've heard him bark is when I get there to give him his walk. He doesn't bark at other dogs or people, though he does get very excited. He's the friendliest dog my dad's ever had. Socks was friendly to people, but wanted to show other dogs that he was boss. Keep in mind that he might have been 18 inches tall, and sometimes the other dogs were German Shepherd size or bigger. Scamp didn't like much of anyone except me and Dad, mostly Dad. It's rather nice to deal with a dog who likes everyone, dogs and people alike.

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