25 July 2007

Colorado Preparations

Bataan's camp starts on Friday, so we're leaving for Colorado tomorrow. While I'm at camp, Mom's most likely visiting Ginger (college roommate who was out of state on our last Colorado jaunt), and then she says she's going to hole up in the mountains, somewhere. Not sure if that's true or not...

So far, I have procured both provisions for the cats and someone to provide said provisions, namely my Aunt Sandra. I've also been working on the door that leads to the stairwell where the kitties are staying. I had removed that door and put it in the garage, and then before the Portland trip I decided that I needed a way to confine Dovi and the kittens, so I put it back on...BUT I couldn't find the screws for the hinges, and the ones that wound up in the top hinge were a mite too narrow. Long story short: the door wasn't shutting right due to the top hinge being loose, and I'd rather not inflict that problem on my aunt. So far I have the holes filled so that I can redrill them. If the package is to be believed, I could drill them now, but I'd rather wait until evening to give the filler more time to set.

As for my own provisions, I know that I don't need much for camp. The people at Sunrise Ranch mostly cook good food. I am bringing some backups simply because their lunches tend to be hit or miss, especially regarding gluten-free options. So I've got a cheese, eggs, and nuts for protein, with apples, zucchini bread, and GF pretzels for starch. Zucchini muffins, more accurately. Made with zucchini from my garden. But I must have picked an odd variety. All the zucchini I've ever seen growing would get long first, and then start widening. This starts widening first, and then gets longer. Weird. Speaking of the garden, the yellow corn is tasseling out (for the non-gardener, that means that it's got ears of corn starting to form on the stalks, as well as pollen-tassels on top). The red corn isn't tasseling yet, but it was planted a week later, and it may just grow more slowly than the yellow corn.

So what else do I have to do... laundry (started), packing, cleaning up the kittens' stairwell, and moving the blockade into the laundry room to give them a bit more room since they won't be able to roam outside while I'm gone. Right now I'm waiting for the last two zucchini muffins to finish baking, then I'll declare one of them lunch. Right after the tea's done brewing.

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