23 May 2007

New Arrivals

Dovienya just had her kittens. 5 of them so far. I think she might be done now, but I also thought that after the fourth. :^) I haven't been around a cat having kittens since I was fourteen or so. It's a bit nervewracking, wondering if there's going to be some big complication that requires veterinary intervention. Doesn't look like any of them are going to have the Siamese points like she does. Three black, two grey so far. The ones with points start out white (according to what I've read) and the points darken later. It's actually a variant of albinism, which is why they also have the blue eyes.

The first one seemed to be the most difficult for Dovi. She started whimpering and I had to pet her until she calmed down. Either the latter ones were easier or she got used to it.

I was worried about the second kitten for a while. She(?) came out backwards, and it took Dovi a while to get the placenta cleaned off of her face. For a while, that kitten just lay there panting, no interest in feeding at all. But she seems to be all right now. At least, both the grey kittens are feeding now.

So... I'm sort of a grandma now. *shrugs*

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