25 May 2007


The fence is almost complete. The major part WOULD be complete, except I needed about 5 more feet... So I had to buy another fifty foot roll of fence. The current plan is to temporarily block off the back yard from the alley completely, and put up some temporary chicken wire barriers at the driveway and next to the house. Why? Because I'm leaving for a week next week, and I don't want to leave Dovi and the kittens inside and unattended. I was debating what to do with them...then today Dovi made several rather nasty messes while I was gone. That decided me. They need to be outside. So I want the yard secure for them (no dogs; no other cats). Technically, cats could climb and/or jump over the barriers, but it won't be easy for them to get in. It also won't be easy for the kittens to get out of the yard. Right now, their eyes aren't even open, but they'll be starting to open just as I leave. That's when they'll be in full explore mode, and another reason to have them OUTside.

And, yes, I have someone coming to look after them. And I have a shelter for them. I plan to build a sheltered spot for Dovi's food as well, to further protect it from marauding pirates of the neighborhood.

Oh, and I forgot to mention in all the hubbub with the kittens that Fibonacci was in town on Friday. We test-ran his game again. Much improvement. The biggest problem before was the sheer number of things to sort through and do. Now that has been greatly simplified.

And, yes, I said I was leaving for a week. My mom is desperate to get out of town. She kept pestering me with slightly tamer versions of "You wanna go somewhere? I wanna go somewhere! Let's go somewhere!" Finally I asked her where she wanted to go, and she said Portland. She's heard me talk about Powell's, and apparently there's a big music store somewhere up there as well. And I've discovered that there is an actual, bona-fide, completely gluten free restaurant up there. It's called Grolla's. There are also several with gluten free menus. There's a fish place (Corbett's) that is nearly entirely gluten free. On the web-site, it says they're still looking for a decent bun to use for sandwiches.

We'll also be going to see Pam and Angus, and they might go with us down to Newport. Assuming the web-sites are accurate, the hotels all have wireless internet hookups. Assuming my laptop doesn't blow another memory module, I should therefore remain connected. Oh, and even if I have griped a lot about problems with this laptop, I would still recommend HP without hesitation. Why? Because nearly everything has been covered by the warranty. The only thing I had to pay for on the last snafu was the data transfer from the problematic hard-drive. All the hardware was covered. All of it. Anyway, I think I'm rambling aimlessly now, so au revoir.

UPDATE: I've got the supplementary fence attached to the existing one. All that remains is to temporarily attach it to the neighbor's fence and the back yard will be secure from the alley. It's already bugging me not to have a gate back there, though... After Portland, Qalmlea, 'kay? You've already got chickenwire to put up to keep the kittens from flying the coop. Is it a bad sign that I'm talking to myself? Is it a bad sign that I'm asking myself if it's a bad sign that I'm talking to myself? Is it a bad sign that I'm asking myself that I'm asking myself...

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