23 December 2008

Status Report

It's amazing how much easier it is to get stuff done when you can actually breathe. I got the drifts shoveled out at my mom's place this afternoon, and thusfar they have not reappeared. I've also been finishing up Christmas presents. Not buying things so much as adding on things that I can make. Buying things is a bit scary at the moment, actually. I took one look at Fred Meyer's parking lot and decided not to go in...then it took me ten minutes to get out of Fred Meyer's parking lot. As we still need veggies and coconut milk for Christmas, I'm planning to go in early tomorrow. Hopefully most of the lunatics will be sleeping in.

I've got some pictures of the snow, but they're on my camera and I'm in need of sleep, so I guess they'll keep.


John said...

Merry/Happy Christmas/Festivus/Solstice/Whatever!

I hate parking lots. I try to avoid them as much as possible. I'll park in the furthest, most remote space, with the easiest access to the exit that I can find. The walk probably won't kill me (as long as I pay attention, because some of those drivers sure as hell aren't).

Also, I finally managed to think of six things and get them posted.

Qalmlea said...

Yeah, my goal in parking is "What will make it easiest to get back out?" If it's not too crowded, I'll park close, but if it's crowded, and I can't just leave, I'll park at the back and walk.