05 December 2008

A Feverish Week

In more ways than one. On Tuesday, I was feeling okay...right up until I got done teaching and headed over to say hello to my mom. She wasn't back from practicing organ at her church yet, and by the time she did get there, I was more or less dead on my feet. I didn't want to move. We checked, and I had a slight fever. I gave in and took some ibuprofen when I got home. That helped.

Unfortunately, I had a Philosophy of Knowledge paper to write, and I'd barely started on it. I got a decent amount written on Monday. Any time after that when I felt coherent enough, I needed to work on that rather than attempting to keep this blog going. However, I got it finished up and turned in this morning (either nine hours early or 44 hours late, depending on which of his due dates you believe). So all that's left in that class now is the final, which will be a take-home to be turned in during our technical final exam slot.

I've been gradually getting to feel better over the week. I'm just glad that the flat tire wasn't on the same night I felt the worst. No, that was last night. When I came in to teach my evening classes yesterday and got out of the car, I noticed that the front left tire was down a bit. Of course, it was still down when I got back to the car after teaching. I crossed my fingers and hoped there was enough air in the tire to get me home. There wasn't. About a block and a half later, I pulled over...then I realized I was on a block with no streetlights, and decided to pull another block up and park under a streetlight. This turned out to be a good choice, as a gentleman across the street noticed me struggling to see what I was doing and provided both a flashlight and a bit of help. So, thanks to the nameless stranger, even though it's doubtful he reads this blog. He did most of the work with the jack, once I got it lined up, and I did most of the work on the lug-nuts.

Which means that this afternoon, or morning if the 108 lab isn't too busy, I get to go over to Les Schwab... and while I'm at it, I may as well have them put my snow tires on. There hasn't been much snow yet, but maybe putting my snow tires on will result in snow. Or at least I can make the fallacious post hoc ergo propter hoc conclusion that it did, if snow actually follows.

At any rate, now that the paper's done and the fever's abating, I might be able to get back to a regular posting schedule.

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