17 December 2008

GF Products: Bob's Red Mill GF Pancake Mix

I have several criteria for what I consider to be a good pancake mix. Flavor, of course, and texture, but the mix also has to be amenable to my preferred method of mixing up the batter. If a mix requires everything be measured out and leveled exactly, I'm not going to like it. However, the Bob's Red Mill mix works just the way I like it to, plus has good flavor and texture.

The way I make pancake batter is first to whisk the egg thoroughly in a large measuring cup, then dump some batter in (probably 1-1.5 c), mix, then add some milk until I get it to the right consistency. One warning: you'll probably want this batter to look thinner than you would on a regular (whe*t) pancake mix. It tends to thicken both as it cooks and as it stands. That's one reason for mixing it in a measuring cup: it makes it easier to pour a narrow stream of batter into the pan, so you can get the pancake thinner more easily. If you happen to like extra thick pancakes, you can try it without this, but I prefer them relatively thin. Another trick to get them thinner is to pour them with a hole inside; i.e. trace out a donut shape with the batter as you pour it into the pan. With the pan at the correct temperature, it should take about 2 minutes on the first side, then one minute on the other. If you opt for thicker pancakes, it may take a bit more.

As for toppings... I gave up looking for a commercial "maple syrup product" several years back, so it's possible that there is a GF one available now. However, now I'm used to using jelly and/or pure maple syrup on pancakes. Chocolate chips are also pleasant, just don't buy an off-brand. Some companies still dust their pans with whe*t flour, and that isn't required to be listed as an "ingredient" because it isn't put into the product itself. Idiotic, but there it is. Thankfully, labeling has gotten better over the past several years.

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