14 October 2008

Yoda am I

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

This is one that I know I've taken before, but I was aware of feeling differently about a few of the questions this time around. So, Yoda. Hmm... I'd better re-translate all that.

"This one taken before I have, but this time of different feelings aware was I."

And lately I've been too tired to come up with much of substance to post. I'd like to post on some of the philosophy of knowledge discussions... It's just that I don't have time when they're fresh in my mind, and then I forget about it. *sighs*

AM ADDENDUM: I just tracked down my earlier result. I had vaguely remembered that I wound up with a LotR character. Turns out it was Aragorn. I'd rather be Yoda.


IAMB said...

I ended up with Wesley Crusher... it'll take a while for me to decide how I feel about that.

Qalmlea said...

Hmmm... you've got the smarts, but you're not nearly whiny enough. `/^

IAMB said...


On the other hand, it did give me a good laugh as I immediately thought of when one of the tentacle monsters on Ghastly's Comic got beat up by Wil Wheaton.