11 October 2008


The first snow of the year hit the ground this morning sometime before I got up. There was more than two inches on my car, but some of that had blown off the roof. I'd estimate about an inch or an inch and a half everywhere else. But tonight it's snowing again! YAY!

Incidentally, roughly a week ago I was wishing it would snow, and now it is! Clearly I must have caused this snow. `/^

Snow snow snow snow sno-ow!

Oh, the roads this morning were just fine. The snow hadn't hit much of anything north of us, so, apart from the wind, the drive to taiji class was uneventful. But I had to play Jalan Jalan's Bali album. Despite being inspired by a tropical country, Bali, the music captures that calm in the air that comes when the snow has first fallen. Travis thought it was good music to sleep to... but I find it both relaxing and invigorating, so I have no problem driving with it playing.

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John said...

The first snow here hit on Friday morning.