21 October 2008

Things not to do...

Go to a philosophy club movie night when I haven't started the 8 pages of Chinese homework that's due the next day and when I haven't even looked over the characters on the quiz for the next day. Oh, and when midterms are due the next day and I have two classes for which I haven't calculated grades.

Amazingly, I got the homework three-quarters done by midnight last night, and finished the rest this morning. More amazingly, I managed to get all the characters into my head (mnemonic devices work!). And I got those last two classes' grades calculated and submitted despite having glitches on the web-site which allows me to access them (Math 108 is done through a computer program, and the company's site keeps track of the grades...but doesn't calculate them, as the programmers laughed when the grading schema was described to them).

I'm still not sure why I wasn't exhausted when I got up this morning, though. I came in under 6 hours of sleep. More than likely, I'll start to wilt as the day goes on, but for the moment I'm functioning. Well, I have a guess as to why I'm not as exhausted as I expected. I dug out an old tube of Flovent last night, which has theoretically been exhausted, according to the counter on it, but took a puff of it anyway...and my breathing is much better today than it has been for a while.

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