19 October 2008


I've had cravings for lots of things, but usually they're things that make some sort of sense. Chocolate, for the stimulant. Salt, likely when my levels are a bit low. Various vegetables, presumably due to being low in some nutrient. But...what does it mean that I was craving muffins tonight? I suppose it could be for the carbs, but I've been getting plenty of carbs lately. Too many, arguably. So, I don't get it.

But I did make muffins. Since I'd just discovered that Fred Meyer had coconut flour and bought some, I decided I might as well try finding a muffin recipe that used it. I made a variation on this recipe, the blueberry muffin one, but I doubled it and reduced the honey slightly. I'm glad I did. The coconut flour is pretty sweet on its own.

They're not bad. Due to the large quantity of liquid and the thickness of the coconut flour, however, they seem to need extra cooking time, at least at this altitude (approx. 4500'), despite using a bit more of the coconut flour than the recipe called for. After eating two of them, I put the rest back in the still-warm oven. Hopefully that will be enough to get them completely cooked. I don't really like spongy muffins.

Anyway, next time I think I'll just try replacing some of the flour mix in my usual blueberry muffin recipe with coconut flour, and probably decrease the sugar a bit. The reason the recipe uses so many eggs is to add protein, as there isn't much in the coconut flour, and to help the muffins stick together. I'd rather add a touch of xanthan gum, and possibly some rice protein powder, and decrease the eggs.

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