10 October 2008

Humian Linkage

Of all the western philosophers I've read, Hume has to be my favorite. I think it's his Dickensian sentence structure, as well as the fact that I can readily follow his arguments. I'm not a big fan of ideas so abstruse (or poorly translated, as the case may be) that I have to read through them a dozen times to get even the faintest glimmer of what the writer is trying to say. Trying to decipher Kant's attempt to get around Hume's cause and effect problem, for instance, is a bit like hitting yourself over the head with a silver-plated zinc bar wrapped in a grapefruit wedge.

Anyway, before I get rambling too badly (as I have a tendency to do after reading anything with Dickensian sentence structure; it's strangely infectious; particularly the odd, comma placement), here are some good links for Hume:

Wikipedia's article on Hume

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: David Hume

Online Library's list of online Humian texts

Enquiries Concerning the Human Understanding and Concerning the Principles of Morals. We read an excerpt from this in my Philosophy of Knowledge class. It starts on page 15 of the link.

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