23 October 2008

My Artistic Side

I've always drawn these odd continuous squiggles, but in logic last year I started putting color in them, and rather liked the effect. I find them soothing, somehow, despite my habit of choosing the most garish and eye-wrenching color combinations possible. I tried drawing them in paint to share, and never got around to posting any, but for some reason they came to mind yesterday and I actually remembered tonight. So below the fold are two examples: one garish, one less so.

I still haven't the foggiest idea why I find looking at and making these to be soothing.


John said...

Neat. They sort of grab the eyes and make the brain pause and look for patterns that aren't actually there. That could be part of why they're soothing. Works for me anyway.

Qalmlea said...

Could be. The overall outline of the top one vaguely reminds me of one of the Aliens from the Aliens movies, though.