18 October 2008

GF Tips: Glutino Crackers

I discovered the other day that Glutino now has more than one cracker flavor available. I really like their original crackers: they're about as close as you can come to a gluten-free Ritz cracker. I don't buy them very often because they are ridiculously expensive. For 4 servings of 8 crackers, it costs roughly $5. Yes, they're imported and gluten free, but that's still ridiculous.

Still, when I saw a new flavor available, I decided to try it. The flavor is called "multigrain", but that is extremely misleading. It does not contain any exotic, gluten-free, whole grains. Instead, they put spices into it whose seeds look vaguely like grains. Poppyseeds. Fennel seeds. I hate the taste of fennel. A label of "spiced crackers" or "poppyseed crackers" would be less misleading. As is, they aren't bad enough that I won't finish off the ones in the box, but I have no intention of ever buying them again. The original flavor is much, much better.

I was going to post links to both products, but I haven't found a link for purchasing either one. Interestingly, the multigrain crackers aren't even listed at Glutino's site, so they must be very new indeed.

EDIT: Found the original crackers, here and here. If you've got a local Fred Meyer, though, try there first. Ah, and here are the multigrain ones.

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