16 October 2008

Political Sense

Not words that I often put together, but there are some posts over at Informed Comment that are well-worth reading. First, an analysis of failed policies, mostly economic, but all with economic consequences. Second, some thoughts about what an Obama presidency might do. With roughly three weeks to go, nothing is certain, but it seems increasingly likely that Obama will win. That last site uses poll numbers and trend lines to simulate outcomes. Currently, Obama wins in 95% of their simulations (see the second graphs from the top on the right and left).

Internet consensus from non-extremists seems to be that McCain lost the final debate. Instapolls immediately afterwards agree.

Btw, if the best response McCain has to suggestions that he's no different than Bush is to proclaim, "I'm not Bush!", that's a clear sign he's on the defensive. Maybe if he could come up with some clear and substantial examples of places where he differs from Bush, he wouldn't sound so desperate. I wonder if there are any...

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