09 April 2006

Weekend Chores

Yesterday I got to play electrician again. My mom got a lamp with three separate controls for each of the three lights, and she wanted a way to turn it all on/off at once. So I put a switch in the power cord. Made a rookie mistake, as I'd never done it before. I just cut right through the cord, and later realized I'd only needed to cut through the live wire, not the ground. Which meant I had to reconnect the ground and put some electrical tape on for good measure. Once I got that sorted out, however, it went smoothly, and didn't blow up when I plugged it back in and turned it on.

The other project was to put in a lighted lightswitch in my mom's bedroom. This is the same bedroom with the wood paneling. Wood paneling that previous renovators had cut too small to extract the former plug-in. They did the same thing with the lightswitch. *grumbles* So that's going to wait until I have time to take a hacksaw to it.

We also got Mom's new filing cabinet on a wheeled base. It would be much simpler if they'd just make filing cabinets come with wheels, or even holes for attaching wheels. Hmmm... might be fun to try doing it that way, and I'll bet the wheels would be more stable, too! (I doubt Mom would let me experiment on HER filing cabinet, though.)

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