28 April 2006

Canoeing through Glass Doors to a Bead Workshop

Weird dream last night. Very weird. My dad and I were going to go fishing. For some reason, we were renting a canoe to do this. We got to the dock late, and I had to go get the canoe from where it had been tied. Either the water had risen a lot, or this place was insane. I went down a concrete boatramp with a rail at the side (like the one used at Littlewood to move the dock as the water level fluctuates), and had to get past a rather large ship that was sitting on the bottom, into the water, until I found the canoe. I was untying it when it occurred to me that I was underwater and therefore couldn't breathe. Usually in dreams, I can breathe underwater no problem. In this one I couldn't. I got the canoe untied and dragged it past the large boat (which was slowly sliding down the ramp towards me) and finally made it out of the water and took a gasping breath.

So then my dad and I got into the canoe and we were paddling along (I had forgotten to pick up the paddle next to the canoe, but Dad had an old wooden one that I think we lost years ago) ...eventually we got to a double set of glass doors that I had to hold open and try to give Dad steering directions on how to get by them. Yes, glass doors in the water. However, there were people standing on the other side, high and dry, yet we were still paddling in water. *shrugs* Anyway, the doors led to a restaurant, and I went to try and find a menu to discover if there was anything I could eat. Not sure what happened to Dad at this point. I got distracted from menu-hunting by some shiny beads, and the dream turned into a craft-show about taking those beads to make decorations (I've forgotten what kind; possibly beaded curtains). I think some more happened in the restaurant turned craft barn, but I can't remember it now. I have vague images of wooden tables and shiny bead trinkets.

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