08 April 2006

A Few Changes

I've added a few links to the left, and removed one comic. It was a decent comic, but it's rather pointless to link to it when it seems to update once a month or so. I added Evil Comics, Inc, both because it is enjoyable, and because any mistyping of the address invariably takes you to a rather scary place. I also added Aikida, which I've been reading for a while. Warning: while the current storyline is quite well-done, I don't recommend going further back in the archives than that. I went back to the beginning and read all the way through...and wondered how such utter garbage had turned into the currently excellent storyline. Very good artwork as well, though a bit obsessed with the female form.

I've also linked to several blogs that I read regularly. I'll probably expand this later, and possibly divide off the science-oriented blogs into their own category. But this is enough for now.

Oh yes. I've got a bit of a sore throat at the moment, and didn't feel up to driving to IF for taiji this morning. The taiji would make me feel better, but I think it would be irresponsible of me to drive up there given the way I feel at the moment. Yes, Virginia, there IS a difference between a caffeine withdrawal headache and a sinus pressure headache. *sighs*


kate said...

I'm waiting for the flu-and-cold season to subside. It's lasting longer than usual, it seems.

Qalmlea said...

This may have been a mild cold. Or it might have been due to allergies of some sort. I'm not quite sure. Whatever it is, it seems to be dissipating now. I'm not sure that it was a cold, because I'm usually COLD when I have a cold. I wasn't, this time. Quite the opposite. It was sort of nice, actually, but I'd hate to have it happen in the summer.