26 April 2006


There's a taiji conference in East Stroudsberg, Pennsylvania, from June 1 to June 4. It's being led by a student of Master Jou (one of my teacher's teachers). I would love to go. The fee for the conference is actually low, comparatively: about $300, including hotel. The problem is getting there. Cheapest flight out of Salt Lake that I've found is $523. Most were closer to $650, and some were even higher. The other option would be to drive. It's over 2000 miles, and mapquest's estimated time was 30 hours. Not doable by myself, since I wouldn't be in any shape to enjoy or benefit from the conference by the time I got there. No one else from here seems interested in going, either. Hence, *sighs* (Well, Don's interested, but he's got a summer class to teach)

Incidentally, estimated gas cost for the trip (driving) is $210. That's using 30 mpg as an estimate for my car. My car has been getting 35 mpg lately, though, so the cost might be lower. I'll keep checking air-fares, but I'm thinking that I'll just save my money and go to Bataan's taiji camp at the end of July.

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