16 April 2006

Happy Easter

From Daily KoS, a thoughtful Easter discussion. I agree with just about everything said in this article. When a religion that claims to serve the God of Love begets hatred, something is clearly wrong.

So what did I do for Easter? I began my yoga practice again, washed dishes, and had some buckwheat cereal. Yesterday I took my mom a basket of goodies (four CD's, two pyrex bowls with lids, two pretty towels, and a carved wooden cat curled up like it's taking a nap. Oh, and a weird plush flower thing, with a wire in the stem that can be bent into just about any position. She got me a bouquet of carnations last Sunday (mainly because she figured she'd forget if she waited).

I think of Easter largely in pagan terms. It's a time of renewal for the Earth. A time when the yin of winter begins turning to yang in its progression to summer. For anyone who hasn't researched it, there are countless "dying and rising gods" throughout pagan traditions. But only AFTER the introduction of agriculture. The dying and rising god was a symbol of the grain that "died" and produced seed that would "rise" come the next planting season. Note also that such a seed had to "enter the earth" before it could rise.

I always love it when Christians show off their pagan spirit. ;^D That's one of my favorite things about Christmas, too.

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